Highland Games

Between May and September, the so-called "Gatherings", meetings, take place in Scotland and everywhere in the world where the Scottish culture is cared for.
The event has a military Tradition. In the eleventh century Malcolm III. assembled his clans for the manoeuvre at which his Clansmen sportingly and peacefully measured their strengths.
Malcolm III. also introduced the race on the high and steep Craig Choinneach. The winner got a gold decorated belt, the baldric.

The best known Gathering is in Braemar at which the Queen turns up for visit also every year.
The worldwide biggest Gathering takes place in Cowal. One finds further important Highland Gatherings in Inverness, Oban, Aberdeen, Dunoon, to mention only some - and ...

...of course in Peine!


Tossing the Caber

The probably most famous competition:
An approx. 6 m long and approx. 60-80 kg heavy tree-trunk must be pressed and is thrown after a short attempt in the height. You judge after the number newspaper of the watch. The tribe somersaults and remains lying at "12 o'clock", the audience gets apart from edge and volume.

Putting the Stone

The stone long throw or” Throwing the Weight”
Comparable with the shot-putting. An approx. 13-25 kg heavy stone must be pushed as far as possible. The weight must be thrown backwards over a 4.5 m high slat at an iron chain at the “Throwing the Weight”

Tug a wa´ (Tug of war)

Two teams of eight align themselves at the end of a rope. The rope is marked with a "centre line". The teams start with the rope's centre line directly above a line marked on the ground, and once the contest (the "pull") has commenced, attempt to pull the other team such that the marking on the rope closest to their opponent crosses the centre line, or the opponents commit a foul (such as a team member sitting or falling down)

The Farmer´s Walk

In the farmer's walk, the athlete picks up two weights and walks around series of pylons. The winner is the athlete who walks the farthest.

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